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Sound Advice For Sufferers Of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea could be the reason you’re having trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. The information below offers many helpful tips that will give you learn how to manage this problem.

A reason that a lot of people have problems with sleep apnea is due to excessive weight. If this is true for you, try getting a little thinner. Make sure that you stick with a plan that makes sense and combine a low calorie diet with an exercise regimen. According to recent scientific work, many people looking to lose weight can also benefit from reducing their intake of carbohydrates.

A major reason for sleep apnea condition is because of the excess weight they’re carrying.

Talk to your doctor about fitting you with a mouth guard. You could be dealing with a narrow breathing airways, small jaw or recessed chin that can amplify the effects of sleep apnea. You will get better rest if you wear a custom mouth guard that aligns your jaw properly.

If you have inherently narrow airway that are causing sleep apnea, a mouth guard can help. These guards look similar to what athletes use, but are specifically made to change the position of the tongue, jaw and palate while you sleep and keep your airway open. Speak with your doctor to learn more, and get yourself fitted for a mouth guard if you think it will help.

Sleep Apnea

Lose weight if you’re heavy. There is evidence that link sleep apnea is correlated with obesity. If you are obese, you may see a marked difference in how your sleep apnea affects you.

To help with your sleep apnea, you need to consult with your doctor about the best CPAP machine to use. Think about the machine’s size and noise levels. There are some small machines that make little noises. Your doctor will help you find one that is well made.

TIP! If you want to ease your sleep apnea, it’s crucial that you speak with your physician regarding CPAP machines and which is best for you. You should take the size and potential to make noise into consideration.

Playing with some wind instrument can be beneficial to your sleep apnea problems. Researchers in Germany found that playing a didgeridoo can make your throat muscles of the upper airway. These muscles control your airway walls get.

It is possible for children to be sleep apnea. If he or she is cranky, such as chronic irritability, and is breathing through his mouth, then he may have sleep apnea. The symptoms can be confused with those of ADHD, but you must consult with your doctor to know for sure.

Do you occasionally drink or smoke? Eliminate bad habits. They may hurt your air passages. Smoking swells up your airways, while drinking depresses your nervous system and muscles into excess relaxation. This can both cause and exacerbate sleep apnea. If you’re not able to stop smoking and drinking, at least don’t do them before you fall asleep.

TIP! Do you smoke and drink? Take steps to eliminate these unhealthy habits. Smoking and drinking have negative effects on your airways.

Many people who have sleep apnea also sleep on their backs. Sleeping flat on your back may cause constriction of the throat and mouth tissues to obstruct your airways. Sleeping on your side is a better option.If you move around at night and tend to always wind up on your back, try propping yourself on one side with pillows.

You simply log the amount of hours you’re sleeping each night, as well as symptoms that occur. Your spouse can inform you of any excessive snoring, jerking, or stop breathing. This diary will help a medical professional see patterns in your doctor diagnose the issue.

Quit smoking and drinking. Both of these bad habits can cause the airway muscles to relax, which makes you snore and adds to the symptoms of sleep apnea. Some people resort to invasive surgeries to correct their sleep apnea without realizing that discontinuing these bad habits could have been a more simple and much cheaper route!

TIP! Quitting smoking and drinking can relieve sleep apnea symptoms. These habits can affect your airway, which makes sleep apnea and snoring more likely.

This inconspicuous piece of fabric can work wonders to hold your chin that your mouth from gaping open. Your mouth needs to remain closed in order to get the best results from your CPAP therapy.

Try a good nasal spray for an irritated nose. This will help to clear your nasal passages before you go to bed. Avoid using nasal sprays over a few days because it may irritate the delicate tissues in your nose. Visit a pharmacy to find a variety of ways of keeping your nose clear as you can pick from.

Try using a mouth guard to help you sleep. These are made especially for those suffering from sleep apnea. This is a good alternative to using the CPAP machine. A mouth guard will work by positioning the jaw and tongue in a helpful way that will allow for easier breathing while asleep.

TIP! Go to the doctor to get a mouth guard that is custom made. Specially made mouth guards are particularly focused for individuals suffering from sleep apnea.

Weight loss can be a huge difference in sleep apnea symptoms. People who are overweight or have a larger than normal neck circumference may be prone to sleep apnea more.

Don’t go to sleep on your back at all if you have sleep apnea. Sleeping on your back makes the airways extra vulnerable to blockage; this is why most sleep apnea can make it hard for you to sleep.Use pillows to prop you up and keep you sleeping on your side while you sleep.

Attempt sleeping on the side. Most people who have sleep apnea realize that they have been sleeping on their back too much. Your airway can become obstructed if you sleep on your back. Try to sleep on your side to avoid that. If you tend to lay on your back while sleeping, prop yourself on your side using pillows.

TIP! Lie on your side when you sleep. If you sleep on your back, this can make your sleep apnea worse.

Sleep apnea does not magically disappear; patients will need treatment. Some treatments will work better for people and some do not. One thing that can help you is losing weight, but there are thin people who suffer from sleep apnea as well. Some other options include CPAP machines or a simple mouth guard designed for sleep apnea sufferers works for them. Some people do prefer surgery over any other types of sleep apnea. Choose whichever method you think will work for you so you may begin to live a happier and most restful life.

Now, after reading the above article, you are aware of many treatment methods to help with sleep apnea. Try all of them, and stick with the methods that work for you. You can get the rest you so desire when you use these tips. There’s no need to be a slave to your sleep apnea any longer.

Sleep apnea generally is diagnosed by studying your medical and family history and having a thorough physical exam. In addition, sleep studies could be performed. Afterwards, depending on the results, your doctor could refer a sleep specialist to you. A sleep specialist is a doctor who treats those with sleep problems.